For Mark Ford – Unity is the Name of the Game!

Who we are chatting with: Mark Ford – Owner of  Unity FC

Thank you for joining us at we are excited to talk to you about a few things involving your club! First off, congratulations on winning the Florida State Championship!
Thank you for the congrats!! We really appreciate it !!

What are some of the successes of your club for this last season? Also, tell us a little about Florida Classic Soccer Tournament.

Success on the field: Overall in the last eight months: 17-3-1 record across all competitions. Soundly
defeated a WPSL side in a friendly match. July 2018 finished second to the Orlando Kicks in the provisional southeast division of UWS (United Women’s Soccer). We won the Orange County Mayor’s
Cup in October of 2018 and now the 2019 Florida Classic, and we assume a great season in the inaugural season of UPSL women’s pro premier division. Success at the national level (UWS, UPSL) local (Mayor’s
Cup) and state (Florida Classic). The Florida Classic is held every year in Florida a very prestigious and I believe one of the longest running tournaments in the nation drawing teams from all over the world on
the men’s side, I believe around three hundred in total. They finally created a women’s division this year and we survived four days of grueling women’s soccer, all teams featured former collegiate and pro
players very high-level players. Our games were wins 3-2, 2-1,2-1, and in the final 3-1. Every individual game was competitive throughout the tournament, no blowouts. In group play with similar goal differentials, goals for, goals against amongst the teams. For us it was mission accomplished, proving that not only ourselves but many other women’s teams are high level and deserve more exposure and

Off the field: We have had nine players from our team receive collegiate offers. That trumps anything
that we have done on the field.

How has United Premier Soccer League been in helping support and growth of Women’s Soccer in

UPSL has been great very supportive. We had a great infrastructure in place when we joined but they have helped us on the marketing and visibility end. I believe that their goal is to have a 12-14 team
conference with a North and South division. New franchises have access to great sponsor opportunities, websites, broadcasting games on the mycujoo platform. Honestly, nothing exists for women at the pro-development or U23 level. We along with UPSL are trying to change that. UPSL has a similar vision for the women’s game that they have on the men’s side, creating strong local, and regional conferences and
divisions, promotion and relegation and keeping the dreams alive for many players. They have done a great job on the men’s side and expect that to continue with the women’s division.

Do you have a season coming up for League Play in UPSL? If so when?
Yes, the 2019 season will begin in May of 2019.
What are some ways the fans and soccer community help your club grow?

We are based out of Deltona, Florida and the local fans are awesome, our situation is unique as we have players from all over the state of Florida, Georgia, and have had foreign players as well. Consequently, we draw those players family and friends into our group. So, while yes, we are based in Deltona my feeling isthat we are more of a regional team. The fact that we play constantly factors into that as well. I doubt there is another women’s club in America at our level that has the schedule we do. We play ten months a year, anywhere, anytime, and anyplace, so we are only here in Deltona for a few months. The soccer community on the national level has been amazing, look no further than your interviewing us. It is very gratifying to get a message from New York, or California saying they are behind us. We all know the business of soccer can be not the best, but the fans, the players, the people that truly love the game…no better people in the world!
Tell us a little bit about your current sponsors Sqwincher and Ambroidery.

Sqwincher Hydration Products are in Columbus, Mississippi and have a wide variety of hydration products. The high school that our soccer director was coaching were using these hydration packs that
you fill with a few ounces of water and it gives you the same replenishment value as the “other” brands 20 plus ounce bottle. You rehydrate without getting “water belly”. I reached out to them and explained that we were using it for soccer explained what we were doing at Unity FC trying to give girls chance to keep chasing their soccer dreams and they were all in. To have a national sponsor at our level is rare, we are blessed. They keep us hydrated send us whatever we need. They use the girls in their advertising and social media, an awesome company, can’t thank them enough. Ambroidery is a local Deltona company
that we formed relationships with through club and high school soccer. When we became involved with UWS they came through with everything we needed for uniforms and have kept us looking great. We
alternate our uniforms have Sqwincher out front on our whites and Ambroidery on our blue.
What are some of the facts and or unknown things you would like for fans and followers to know about your club?

Nearly every player on our team has been told they are too short, too slow, not good enough to continue playing high-level collegiate soccer or they have just been flat out ignored or never even given the
opportunity, or life got in the way. We are anti pay to play. That soccer model fills large clubs bank accounts and prohibits a very large percentage, probably the majority, from playing competitive soccer.
Our players to date have not paid a dime to play, zero. To date, we have covered 100 percent of the costs of playing soccer. It is quite a commitment and we are lucky to have a great benefactor, my father
William Ford. We are truly one team, a family from players to the owner. We are people first, soccer second. Once with Unity always with Unity!! I will add this final comment: look at our website roster,
read those bios, watch our games on mycujoo. All of our players other than our “older” mentors have been cut, told they are not good enough or didn’t have the money. To date: nine players either currently
in college playing soccer or with offers for 2019 enrollment. To see the look on a 19, 20, 21-year-old players face when they are told yes, they are good enough or that they are getting a second chance…
priceless. I would gladly trade every trophy or game we have won to give them all that opportunity.
Instagram: unityfcsoccer
Twitter: @UnityFCsoccer
Phone: 386-868-9064

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