Actual USA Soccer Pyramid


Yesterday we had one of our graphics guy make a “What we think the American Soccer Pyramid looks like.” 

But we all know what it really is. 

America is about as open soccer as it gets, we have multiple leagues that are now starting their own pyramid. 

We do not know much about USL’s new format, are they open to Promotion and Relegation between their new League Format? 

We don’t know. 

The National Premier Soccer League has started the NPSL Founders Cup, and are still running their summer league and there have also been talks about Promotion and Relegation between its own Pro / Amateur leagues.

United Premier Soccer League has their own Promotion and Relegation system which we think is working but how high is their Premier League? Who can they compete with?

How it works:
UPSL Premier (1st Division)
The top teams playing for the top title (although in our opinion is that 2 seasons in one year is a little much and should be formatted a bit different. 

UPSL Championship (2nd Division)
Second Division in the UPSL consists of the Championship Division where every game you are trying to secure promotion into 1st Division. Love the concept and it seems to work in some states, California it has worked and it looks like it’s working in Florida. But we see a lot of turn over of teams and some teams jumping straight into the Premier Division.

UPSL League One (Third Division)
The Third Division of the United Premier Soccer League is more from what we know is a glorified rec league with the insurance of UPSL and the same support which isn’t a bad thing. The teams can all play in one stadium and have a weekend of competitive soccer. But you get the branding and you do get the support of the league.  

When something is broken everyone wants to fix it. Well, this is what we think individual leagues are doing, trying to fix it themselves. 

We will start seeing a change in the American Soccer Landscape? I think it’s going to take these leagues to come together and get there. 

We have a perfect format for a multi-division soccer pyramid. But we will need unity from all the amateur and professional leagues.

Until then we are still hashtagging #ProRelForUSA



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