Crest Championship SEMI-FINAL!


Click on the crest image to see a bigger crest image

(Winner Faces Providence City FC in the CHAMPIONSHIP!)



12 thoughts on “ Crest Championship SEMI-FINAL!

  1. You have misspelled ‘Livonia City FC’

    Please correct if possible, thank you!

    Ben Lightner
    Director of Operations
    Livonia City FC

  2. Even though we are currently getting throttled, what a great idea and good time we are having with this! Well done soccer 101!!

  3. When does voting for this round end?

  4. When did you close the vote?
    We were winning by 20 when you close at 00.00!

    1. The vote closes at 6:00 am CST.

      The SYSTEM vote also will take out the same IP after voting 4x in a row automatically.

    1. Click on the text of the crest you want to vote on.

  5. LET’s GO VAQUEROS!!!!

  6. is this vote done or are they still counting?

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